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How will Time Line Therapy ™ assist you in living the life you have always imagined?

Would you like to experience true emotional freedom as well as a level of complete control and empowerment that will allow you to begin to mould your life in a way that will deliver you ultimate fulfilment?

Would you love to be Enjoying all of the positive benefits of being free from your negative filters from the past and begin to design your future, in a brand new, unlimited way so that you can have it the way you want it?

Time Line Therapy ™ Will support you in making these changes!!

What’s Holding You Back?

  • Do you have emotional baggage that holds you back?
  • Do you experience negative emotions that are inappropriate for the context and difficult to truly validate?
  • Do feel a lack of emotional control of some areas of your life?
  • Do you at times over react, then deny it and go out of your way to justify your actions?
  • Do you feel stuck, limited and living a life that is totally unfulfilling?
  • Do you dream of goals and outcomes but then make no effort because you have already predetermined that you’ll fail?
  • Or maybe you want to help others to be emotionally free easily by adding this powerful modality to your therapeutic tool kit!

If so, my question to you is “what will it be worth to you to discover a way to imagine a new positive future that is so compelling, motivating and exciting that you can’t help but achieve it?”

We are functioning predominantly unconsciously and who we are and what we are achieving is based on our filters, our life experiences, memories, beliefs, attitudes, meta programs and values, all of which are playing out in the creation of the reality that we are living each and every day.

It is always the unresolved and deeply unconscious “stuff” (NLP technical term) from our past personal history that holds us back and robs us from achieving the glorious results that we truly want.

You Are Far More Than You Think You Are!!.

You are a divine being and already have limitless potential to create all the positive outcomes that you could ever want and it’s our Time Line Therapy ™ Training (trained as part of our 7 day live NLP Practitioner certification course) that will give you all of the skills, tools and techniques that will allow you to gain access to the resources and emotional freedom to create for yourself a new compelling future.

Already trained in NLP? But want to add this valuable, must have therapeutic modality to your skill set?

Then it’s easy, just call us on 0754 427 3540 with details of your NLP certification and find out today, you may well qualify and be able to join our training for Time Line Therapy ™ certification.

The process uses your own internally represented storage of experiences with a symbolically imagined “Time Line” and by working with this representation of your “Time Line” it allows your unconscious mind to give you incredibly profound experiences and learnings in a number of different ways that will be undeniable in the now.

Making possible for you the healing of emotional traumas, ending of unhelpful thoughts, emotions, limitations and behaviours and this will happen for you in only a matter of hours rather than waiting for a natural resolution that may never come at all.